*magdalena schaffrin

Salon Mondaine

23. November 2016

I feel honored to be invited by Yasmine Orth to speak at the next “Salon Mondaine”, alongside Milena Glimbovski, who founded the grocery store “Original Unverpackt” in Berlin and published a diary, which asks you profound questions about your way of life to make you more conscious about your schedule and how you spend your time. The third speaker will be the astute Maja Göpel, who leads the Wuppertal Institute in Berlin and is a full member of the Club of Rome. She researches trans-disciplinary system transformation in terms of globalisation and sustainability and has just released her book “The Great Mindshift. How a New Economic Paradigm and Sustainability Transformations go Hand in Hand” (Springer). The evening will be moderated by Andrea Thilo and framed by a short meditation led by Cristina Arau and music by Isa Tabasuares.

DETAILS:Lecture and Panel Discussion at Salon Mondaine, Soho House Berlin 23 November 2016, Slow Living & Conscious Consumption.